Love with a Spine 6/10/24


Today Katie begins our practice with a quote and invites us to consider how beauty creates wholeness through adding the concept of justice and love when you are gazing around you and then giving attention inside of yourself with the flavor of justice and love. She asks us to imagine a hug coming towards us with one arm as love and one as justice and experiencing how that feels. Next Katie explores a concept from the integrity deck cards. You can find today’s video here. 

Emotional Literacy – Expressing Feelings – Foundation for Conscious Living

Every Monday Katie offers a practice to increase our capacity to give and receive love using the tools of Loop of Awareness, Love Scooping and more. Katie shares practices from our Integrity Deck which offers you an opportunity to expand your experience of wholeness through integrity skills and from our Presence-Connect-Play app which will assist you in developing a new way of being in the world, a new story of continuous creativity.

Watch the video to learn more.