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Using Fear Melters® During Covid-19

Darlene Bellis, one of our Big Leap Coaches, recently used Fear Melters® while she was waiting in line outside of her local food store. Watch the video and read her story below about how others around her were impacted.


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Hello Fear, can we be friends?

Hello fear, can we be friends?

Eight months ago, I sat in a workshop with my teacher Katie Hendricks and she said, “We are entering a time of a lot of uncertainty. Natural disasters will likely become a normal occurrence …

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The Power of Committing and Recommitting

One of the reasons I am grateful for the work of Katie and Gay Hendricks is what I have learned about the power of commitment and re-commitment. A powerful way that I have used this skill successfully is in my …

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Unpacking Essence Pace

Your essence pace is the speed of movement that allows you to feel connected to yourself while being aware of the people and events around you. Here, leadership and transformation program grad Aileen Hayden talks about finding her essence pace. …

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Conscious Completion

Completion allows an opening to new possibilities. When we consciously complete we turn toward the future with clarity and open space. One of our leadership program grads, Janet Parks, has created a process she calls Conscious Completion, which is a …

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We explored pace, identifying fear and expressing emotions.

This photo is from a Body Intelligence workshop in Los Angeles.

We explored pace, identifying fear and expressing emotions.

Here are a couple of comments from participants:

Nailah-“I feel like through the workshop I have learned a great deal …

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Expressing My Creativity Ended The Cycle of Fighting With My Husband

My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years, and we’ve probably spent the last 10 fighting.

We love each other very much, and wanted to be together, but we’d just get in these vicious cycles and neither …

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Here Are the Three Winning Videos from Our Summer 2018 Fear Melters® Video Challenge!

Click here to see the first prize winning video, by Michele Roberts and Dean Yasuda.

Click here to see the second prize winning video, by Aileen Hayden.

Click here to see the third prize winning video, by Tatiana Dorow.…

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Activism: The Value of Pushing Play and Pause

Activist, minister, and graduate of our Leadership and Transformation Program, Dee Cooper, has created the process and graphic below in response to a phenomenon she has felt and observed among activists; impatience with the slow pace of change, fear, and …

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Rocky Mountain Song School

I had the great pleasure and honor this year to be invited to facilitate the opening event for Rocky Mountain Song School in Colorado. In my experience music with its listening platform ranging from one to millions, and the way …

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