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Michael Deloughery

Owning Our Contributions

I wanted to share something that is a wonderful reminder about how our essence makes a positive difference in the world, no matter what we judge our level of consciousness to be. Back in 1991, I was a mess of …

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New Year 2017 Blog Post from Katie

Thank you all for your presence and connection in this new year. Even though I may not post about these principles every day, I wanted you to know the organizing principles I plan to use to structure actions and choices …

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Merry Parrish

An Invitation Into the Experience of Oneness

Merry Parrish, a recent graduate of the two-year Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Program, has written a profound piece about her dream for humanity to live in oneness. She concludes, “If I am functioning from a place of wholeness filled with …

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Teens and the Body-Mind: The Pivot Adventure !

By Linda Wellenbach

Almost every summer since graduating from the Hendricks Institute (2007), I’m hired to facilitate self-discovery in disadvantaged teenaged girls at a local camp. My intention is always the same: have FUN waking them up to all they …

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Kate Rouze

If you don’t see something beautiful, look a little closer…

by Kate Rouze

If you don’t see something beautiful, look a little closer…

Or from a little farther away, or for a little longer…

Or stand next to someone who sees beauty in whatever your looking at, and let them …

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Why Appreciation Matters So Much

I’ve just returned from an offsite with our team at The Energy Project. As we concluded, I asked each person to take a few moments to say what he or she felt most proud of accomplishing over the past …

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Five Wishes book cover

5 Wishes – The Conversation: The Movie & Worksheet

A Guide To Asking The Simple Question That Can Make All Your Dreams Come True. To accompany the book, Five Wishes, by Gay Hendricks. Click below for the downloadable worksheet.


© 2007 Gay Hendricks…

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Uber and a Singing Stranger

Yesterday I was in an Uber, texting with a friend, giggling at the funny things we were sending to each other. The Uber driver started laughing, so I looked up from my phone, and he said, I like your laugh, …

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Sorya Ray Resels and Jack Resels

Conscious Aging: Using Fear Melters® to Face Death & Dying

Jack and I have been involved as co-facilitators in a Conscious Aging Program where we met some wonderfully creative people, some shy, but all open to being their best self. We were 12 people over 8 weeks, exploring through meditative …

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Special Ed Teacher Compliments Every Single Student Each Day

Love is the core value of this teacher’s curriculum.

Special education teacher Chris Ulmer begins each school day at Keystone Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, individually complimenting each of his students for 10 minutes, The Mighty reported. Ulmer hopes to build …

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