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Five Wishes book cover

5 Wishes – The Conversation: The Movie & Worksheet

A Guide To Asking The Simple Question That Can Make All Your Dreams Come True. To accompany the book, Five Wishes, by Gay Hendricks. Click below for the downloadable worksheet.


© 2007 Gay Hendricks…

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Uber and a Singing Stranger

Yesterday I was in an Uber, texting with a friend, giggling at the funny things we were sending to each other. The Uber driver started laughing, so I looked up from my phone, and he said, I like your laugh, …

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Sorya Ray Resels and Jack Resels

Conscious Aging: Using Fear Melters® to Face Death & Dying

Jack and I have been involved as co-facilitators in a Conscious Aging Program where we met some wonderfully creative people, some shy, but all open to being their best self. We were 12 people over 8 weeks, exploring through meditative …

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Special Ed Teacher Compliments Every Single Student Each Day

Love is the core value of this teacher’s curriculum.

Special education teacher Chris Ulmer begins each school day at Keystone Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, individually complimenting each of his students for 10 minutes, The Mighty reported. Ulmer hopes to build …

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Story of Transformation: Gillian Ferrabee

From our colleague and dear friend Gillian Ferrabee.

Gilllian Ferrabee from Dream Year on Vimeo.…

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Tips from the oldest people

Tips for a Longer Life from the World’s Oldest People

Medical science has come a long way in the past few centuries. We now live longer, healthier lives (although diseases like AIDS and cancer remain without comprehensive cures and the likes of heart disease still affects high numbers of people

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Kate Rouze

Falling In Love (Part 1)

If you want to fall in love with someone (or just like them more) – do things for them.

The kind of things that excite you, stretch you, and scare you just a bit. The kind of things that require …

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Kate Rouze

The real adventure begins.

Jihad and I just landed here in Taipei, and are waiting in the lounge for our flight to Bali.

I decided on the way over that relationships are like flying.

Once you experience first/business class, the thought of flying coach …

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Story of Transformation – Discovering your No’s

Recently I was heading up a group at The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre – nine women who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer. They arrived in a state of shock with many fears of how to navigate through the medical …

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Meg Dennison

Why I Ditched My Plan To Ditch My Husband. by Meg Dennison

(From Huffington Post, link at end of article)
I don’t know exactly when I decided to ditch my husband, but my plan was to be free of him as soon as our youngest child graduated from high school. Now, a …

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