Big Leap Bridge Classes

The Body of Money

In this recording, our colleague Gayle Colman shares “The Body of Money: Creating Sustainable Wealth Through Innate Intelligence”. Would you love a new approach to money, perhaps light-hearted, confident, and clear? Does your current money relationship bring you ease, grace …

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Resolving Conflict with Ease: Tools to Loosen the Grip


In this recording, our Conscious Partnership panel* will be sharing their experience and favorite Hendricks tools for resolving conflict.

Do you find yourself blaming and criticizing those who you are in relationship with? Are you and your partner caught …

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Introduction to the Drama Triangle with Katie Hendricks


In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge online class that took place on February 2, 2022, Dr. Katie Hendricks introduces tools that will assist you in finding presence and releasing the adrenaline addiction that fuels many interactions …

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Big Leap Bridge Class: Keeping Sex Alive in a Long Term Relationship

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Big Leap Bridge Class: Learn Healthy Responsibility

Watch this recording of Healthy Responsibility: Creating Opening to Learning facilitated by Kathlyn Hendricks, Phd, BC-DMT. Learn how to move from blame to wonder in this one hour class where Katie shares tools from the Integrity Deck and talks about …

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Big Leap Bridge Class: Five Gateways to Dynamic Stability

Five Gateways to Dynamic Stability Facilitated By: Nicole Taylor   In this class you will have the opportunity to discover five gateways to dynamic stability so that you can be resourced as we face all that is going on our planet.… Read More

Principles of Manifestation: Creating the Life You Most Want


In this recording of a one-hour class, Gay Hendricks shares the reliable tools and practices that will assist you in learning how to use the principles of manifestation in your daily life. You’ll learn how incompletions cause blocks and …

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