Coming Home To Yourself

Creating Ease through Sorting the Two Files

Our colleague Crystal Dawn Rios shares how she uses the practice of Sorting the Two Files to create ease and space in her life. If you have not yet seen Katie and Gay’s video on Sorting the Two Files, …

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Sorting the Two Files as a Couple

In this video, our colleagues, Michele and Dean Yasuda demonstrate how they use the practice of Sorting the Two Files as a couple.  If you have not yet seen Katie and Gay’s video on Sorting the Two Files, click

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Using Root to Face Traumatic Events


In this video, Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty member Kristina Turner shares about how she uses the Fear Melter® Root to face traumatic events happening in the world. She shares how using Root while in nature supports her in coming home …

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Using Fear Melters® as a Couple


In this video, our colleagues Michele and Dean Yasuda share ways that you can use Fear Melters® to move through challenges in relationships. You will see how powerful adding wiggle, root, ooze and love scoops are in shifting from …

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Befriending Fear with Fear Melters® and Music


Our Caring Community created this video where we practice Fear Melters® with music and movement. Join us and Wiggle, Ooze, Root and Love Scoop your way to presence. This practice is an opportunity for you to dance, play, and …

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Fear Melters® Song!


Singer-songwriter Rebecca Folsom , accompanied by Leann Roberts, performed a concert during the Hendricks Couples Course in Ojai California. This Fear Melters® song is a fun way to integrate the movements into your daily life and can also …

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Fear Melters® in Spanish

Nicoleta Dobrin, a member of our community, created this video of Fear Melters® in Spanish. In the video, Nicoleta shares the four fear responses and the Fear Melters® that can support the shift to presence. Click here to access …

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Coming Home to Yourself: Michele and Dean Talk About Revealing Rather Than Concealing In Their Relationship

Michele and Dean ( share how they express their commitment to revealing rather than concealing in this short video. They demonstrate one of their recent issues and how they used the Hendricks skills of authenticity and curiosity to …

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Coming Home to Yourself: Heath and Nicole Talk About Authentic Communication in Their Relationship

Heath and Nicole Reed ( demonstrate their practice of being authentic and fully revealed, especially when their personal and professional relationships intersect. You may notice several of the nonverbal body intelligence skills expressed in their standing posture, movements,… Read More

Coming Home to Yourself: Bob and Marlene Talk About Revealing in Their Relationship

Marlene and Bob Neufeld ( talk about the importance of revealing in healthy relationships. They go into detail about when, what and how to reveal and how to receive your partner’s revelations. They also discuss the difficulties that …

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