Drama Triangle

The Dance of the Drama Triangle: Creating a New Fuel Source


Facilitated by: Dr. Katie Hendricks ‌ In this recording of a one-hour class, Dr. Katie Hendricks returns to our Bridge community to offer an introduction to the drama triangle,. This recording will open up a world of possibilities… Read More

The Practical Magic of Awe and Wonder


Facilitated by: Audrey Hazekamp

In this recorded class, you will learn about the Practical Magic of Awe and Wonder. Our colleague Audrey Hazekamp shares how there is more and more subjective and objective evidence emerging these days about the …

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Bridge out of Conflict: SEW: A Tool That Will Move You Through Any Conflict, Any Time


Facilitator Julie Colwell, PhD

In this recorded class, Dr. Colwell will teach her process of uncovering the real issue through getting to what is “unarguable,” Sensations, Emotions, and what you really Want. She’ll demonstrate the process with a participant, …

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Harmonious Agreements: Redefining Boundaries for Fulfilling Relationships


Facilitated by: Crystal Dawn Rios

Watch this recording of Harmonious Agreements, a Big Leap Bridge class facilitated by Crystal Dawn Rios. Are you tired of the traditional approach to setting boundaries in your relationships? Do you find that boundaries …

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Saying Yes to Breath: A Self Love Practice


Facilitated by Dean Yasuda

Watch this recording of Saying Yes to Breath: A Self Love Practice with our colleague Dean Yasuda. Our breath is our gateway to aliveness. The Yes breath is a practice created by Dr. Gay Hendricks, …

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Identifying, Naming and Weaving Core Values


Facilitated by Alexande DeBlieux

In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge class, our colleague Alexande DeBlieux shares from his experience as a brand consultant and coach. Alexande has spent many years working with business owners and stakeholders to …

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The Power of Resonance


The Power of Resonance: Identify and Explore Ways to Shift and Tune your Resonance to Become a Master Manifester!

Facilitator: Rebecca Folsom

In this recording of a one hour class, our colleague Rebecca Folsom identifies what resonance is, explores …

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Breathing Your Way Home: Techniques for Everyday Ease


In this recording our colleague Dean Yasuda will share three reliable breathing techniques developed by Gay Hendricks that you can use right away to come home to yourself with ease. The techniques you’ll learn can be practiced every day …

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Self Care Lifestyles for Community Wellness


In this recording, facilitators Nicole and Heath Reed share many tools that you can use right away to increase your self care. The phrase “self-care” has so saturated the world of wellness that the expression is often trivialized, …

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Sufficiency: The Gateway to Financial Freedom


In this recording our colleague Gayle Colman shares her wisdom and asks us some important questions:

Would you love to feel relief, joy, and expanded choices in your relationship with money?

What if the way to sustain financial freedom …

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