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A Wave of Welcoming 1/1/24


Katie invites you to bring in sound and movements as you begin the practice today imagining a friendly wave coming over you and giving you the kind of attention you are most wanting. We also play with noticing how …

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Love As the Center of Our Being 12/25/23


Katie starts today’s practice with the concept of love and asks us to get curious about how we experience it in our bodies when we want to connect with someone we love. She states that our presence is the …

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The Sensory Experience of Love 12/18/23


Today Katie begins the practice by inviting you to try on Love Scoops as a way of being with any part of you wanting attention, and reminds us that Love is really the ability to be in the same …

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The Bloom of Connection 12/11/23


Today Katie begins our session by asking whether you are letting attention bloom in you or letting it bounce off. Pace is one way that people can lose connection. When we are speeding around we might not actually let …

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Clearing Your Perception 12/4/23


On today’s call Katie shares that one of the benefits of practicing Loop of Awareness, is like a windshield wiper looping clears perceptual debris from connecting directly with your experience and the world.. She invites you to create a …

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Reclaiming our Pace and Rhythm 11/27/23

Today Katie explores pace and rhythm and asks you whether your current pace is supporting you in your aliveness. Katie reminds us that we can fill our reservoirs by gathering and exploring the power of attention in different rhythms …

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Loving Attentiveness 11/20/23


Today Katie begins our practice by reading a wonderful quote from the poet Mary Oliver: “This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.” Katie …

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Opening Perceptions 11/13/23


Today Katie begins our practice with an invitation to create an inner sense of welcoming with big arm and torso gestures that scoop love in through opening and touch. Since many people hold agitation in their shoulders and upper… Read More

Looping, Fanning and Focusing 11/8/23

Katie begins today’s practice on changing the lens of attention by using a fan to demonstrate how fans were used historically to shape attention, as in fanning and partially hiding, or snapping it closed to focus attention more pointedly. …

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What Our Attention Opens Up 10/30/23


Today Katie focuses on the power of shifting your attention: between fanning and focused, between spacious and glitchy, and between lovable and perceived unlovable. She guides shifting, then letting your body respond to what your attention opens up. We …

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