Self Love

Opening Perceptions 11/13/23


Today Katie begins our practice with an invitation to create an inner sense of welcoming with big arm and torso gestures that scoop love in through opening and touch. Since many people hold agitation in their shoulders and upper… Read More

Looping, Fanning and Focusing 11/8/23

Katie begins today’s practice on changing the lens of attention by using a fan to demonstrate how fans were used historically to shape attention, as in fanning and partially hiding, or snapping it closed to focus attention more pointedly. …

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What Our Attention Opens Up 10/30/23


Today Katie focuses on the power of shifting your attention: between fanning and focused, between spacious and glitchy, and between lovable and perceived unlovable. She guides shifting, then letting your body respond to what your attention opens up. We …

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The Facets of Attention 10/23/23


Today Katie shares that Loop of Awareness breaks up your attention habits, allows you to learn to give attention to you, and opens choices about where and how you give your attention. Shifting your attention allows you to connect …

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Evolving Works of Art 10/16/23


Today Katie reminds us that attention is our greatest source of nourishment and supports us in experiencing that we have choices. We can stir the aliveness pot while weaving with our sense of self and connection with others. Katie …

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The Essence of Love 10/9/23


Katie invites us to come home to giving and receiving loving attention and to remember that what you give attention to grows. Katie asks: What kind of a attention feels most nourishing to you? Katie reminds us that when …

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Loops of Connection 10/2/23


Katie begins our practice today by sharing that the antidote to addiction is felt connection. Connection is a nutrient that everyone needs regularly even if you don’t notice the lack. Loops and Scoops is a space where we can …

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Locating Ourselves with Care 9/18/23


Katie begins today’s practice with asking how you know where you are, where you are located. Scientists call this situational awareness. We explore how Loop of Awareness supports us in locating ourselves in the here and now. Katie also …

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The Incredible Power of Attention 9/11/23


Katie begins today with inviting you to check in with your sense of aliveness and assess where it is right now in so you can notice the power of directing your attention during our practice today. We explore the …

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Wide Angle View 9/4/23


Today Katie begins by sharing a concept from meditation practice of ‘Back to One,’ a meditation term which means coming back to home base and recommitting to the practice, especially free of self criticism. Next she shares that because …

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