The Relationship Is Dead. Here’s What’s Taking Its Place

“Our relationship was one constant text,” Kimberly, 27, told Mic. “He’d text me first thing in the morning, message me during the workday and then text me at night.”

Kimberly helped Glen* pick out new clothes. She was the first …

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Lawns are a Soul-Crushing Timesuck

A recent essay by an Ohio woman who refuses to mow her lawn has struck a nerve. Thirteen hundred people have weighed in with a comment on Sarah Baker’s tale of flouting a neighborhood mowing ordinance in the face of …

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A brain

Science Reveals Artists Really Do Have Different Brains

We might now have neurological proof that artists actually are different creatures from everyone else on the planet. According to a study published in NeuroImage, researchers believe that artists have brains that are structurally different from non-artists. It appears that …

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Public Schools to Teachers: Run Your Class on Fear or Get Fired

As part of a burgeoning new public school program called “No Nonsense Nurturing” teachers are required to wear earpieces. They’re reminded to be less enthusiastic and “expect 100 percent compliance.” And in at least one high profile case, the teachers …

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Brain function

Think Your Conscious Brain Directs Your Actions? Think Again

Think your deliberate, guiding, conscious thoughts are in charge of your actions?

Think again.

In a provocative new paper in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a team led by Dr. Ezequiel Morsella at San Francisco State University came to a …

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Breaking Taboos on Oprah

Watch Gay and Katie talk about their first experience on Oprah.

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