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We explored pace, identifying fear and expressing emotions.

This photo is from a Body Intelligence workshop in Los Angeles. We explored pace, identifying fear and expressing emotions. Here are a couple of comments from participants: Nailah-“I feel like through the workshop I have learned a great deal about self awareness and moving at ones own pace.” Jom – Working around children in a…

Expressing My Creativity Ended The Cycle of Fighting With My Husband

My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years, and we’ve probably spent the last 10 fighting. We love each other very much, and wanted to be together, but we’d just get in these vicious cycles and neither of us knew how to get out. It was time-consuming, energy-sucking and life-draining—literally. It got…

Here Are the Three Winning Videos from Our Summer 2018 Fear Melters® Video Challenge!

Click here to see the first prize winning video, by Michele Roberts and Dean Yasuda. Click here to see the second prize winning video, by Aileen Hayden. Click here to see the third prize winning video, by Tatiana Dorow.