big leap

Dana Flynn Schneider

Dana Flynn Schneider, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Read More
Nancy Voogd

Nancy Thiel Voogd

Certified Big Leap Coach Read More
Dee Cooper

Dee Cooper, MEd, MDiv, DMin

Licensed Clinical MFT Therapist, Fellow
Facilitator for USAF, Military, Veterans
Executive Presbyter, Ordained Minister, PCUSA
Certified Big Leap Coach Read More
Terry Morganti-Fisher

Terry Morganti-Fisher, M. Ed.

Certified Big Leap Coach
Leadership & Transformation Graduate Read More
Cynthia Hildner

Cynthia Hildner, MA

Licensed Special Education & Elementary Teacher
Certified Big Leap Coach
Access Coach & Visual Play Facilitator Read More
Leslie Chertok

Leslie Chertok, MA

Licensed Psychotherapist
Child Mental Health Specialist
Certified EMDR Level II
Faculty Team Member - The Billions Institute Fellowship
Certified Big Leap Coach Read More
Vandana Verma

Vandana Verma, Ph.D.

Certified Big Leap Coach Read More
Michael Deloughery

Michael Deloughery

Certified Big Leap Coach
Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Group Facilitator Read More

A Daily Two-Minute Fear Melters® Practice


Practicing Fear Melters® is one of the easiest ways to shift your state from fear to here. You can use Fear Melters® any time you are experiencing fear, and having a daily Fear Melters® practice can support you …

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Coming Home: The Yes Breath

Come Home to Yourself Through Breathing—The Yes Breath

Breathing is a key move to coming home to ourselves, and is one of the central practices in the BLH. Say YES to full and revitalizing breaths by watching this video by Gay Hendricks, a leading breathing expert. Learn how …

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