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Fear Melters® Plus Breathing

Do you find yourself worried after watching too much news? Join Crystal in using Fear Melters® plus Centered Breathing to get unstuck!

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Using Fear Melters® During Covid-19

Darlene Bellis, one of our Big Leap Coaches, recently used Fear Melters® while she was waiting in line outside of her local food store. Watch the video and read her story below about how others around her were impacted.


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Healthy Responsibility – Easy Shifting into Response-Ability


In the Healthy Responsibility series we learn how to shift from blame to wonder and how to respond, rather than react, in our daily lives. You’ll discover skills that will support you in dismantling defensiveness, opening to learning, noticing… Read More

Fast-Aid for 4 Kinds of Fear Video


Download the Fast-Aid for 4 Kinds of Fear PDF

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Using Three Centered Breaths to Presence Fear

Would you like a simple tool to help you release fear about the COVID-19 crisis? Kristina shares about how she uses 3 centered breaths to move through her anxiety and support her well-being.

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Fear Melters® and Five Appreciations

Using Fear Melters® in combination with another shift move creates a gateway to aliveness. Here is a video of Glenn using Fear Melters® plus five Appreciations to shift his state.… Read More

Vandana Presencing Fear

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Winnie Teaching Fear Melters®

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Fear Melters® Variety

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Fear Melters® Sampler

In this video we demonstrate some fear signatures and Fear Melters®.… Read More