We celebrate our wedding through the whole month of October, and this year we wanted to create daily posts sharing the most important skills, practices and discoveries that have truly created Conscious Loving Ever After.

Please enjoy and share.

Day 1 – You create your relationships one choice at a time.

Day 2 – Being right isn’t worth it.

Day 3 – Appreciating gives you the highest ROI of any relationship move.

Day 4 – Saying something real creates right-now intimacy.

Day 5 – Committing gets you into the game: recommitting lets you create a new game.

Day 6 – Blame and criticism are the junk food of relationships.

Day 7 – Every aspect of you wants to be loved. By you.

Day 8 – You can breathe your way into relationship bliss.

Day 9 – Turn fear into flow to give fresh fuel to your relationships.

Day 10 – Your body knows—give attention to more than your thoughts!

Day 11 – Attention is the currency of relationship.

Day 12 – Let your mate be your ally, especially when you’re stuck.

Day 13 – Take on your partner as an appreciation project.

Day 14 – Respond or react? In each interaction you grow or defend.

Day 15 – You don’t have to completely understand the issue to let go of it.

Day 16 – Wonder supplies the rocket-fuel for juicy relating.

Day 17 – You can create exquisite variety without leaving your partner or having an affair.

Day 18 – Who loves ya, baby?!

Day 19 – You need to tussle–just like other mammals.

Day 20 – You can discover the whole cosmos through your partner.

Day 21 – Changing one thing can change everything.

Day 22 – Sex can keep getting better and better throughout life.

Day 23 – Give and receive the balm of being deeply listened to.

Day 24 – Find out what delights your mate and do it.

Day 25 – Creativity can replace complaining.

Day 26 – All feelings are flow.

Day 27 – To experience heaven right now, live in completion.

Day 28 – To have a great time all the time, play with your personas.

Day 29 – Harmony happens when separate tones play together.

Day 30 – Quantum shift alert – you can osmose love.

Day 31 – Saying Yes Opens Endless Creativity—Tossing Turns Yes into Yes, And…